The Kilmacolm Residents' Association (KRA) is a proactive group of residents and their families who take pride in our village and make sure the voice of the village is heard at Inverclyde Council and the Scottish Parliament.


We also work with the Kilmacolm Community Council (KCC) and the Kilmacolm Civic Trust (KCT) in matters of importance - such as developers plans to build houses on our greenbelt.


We have been very active in 2018, raising issues that have been discussed at stage 2 of the Planning (Scotland) Bill that is currently going through the Scottish Parliament - such as 'Repeat Applications' by volume housebuilders (Mactaggart and Mickel, Taylor Wimpey etc) on greenbelt land which have been turned down many times in the past by Inverclyde Council and Scottish Government Reporters.  Indeed these applications are now being referred to in Parliament as 'Terminator' applications because they come back time after time!


We were also involved with the fight against the 'Right of Appeal' that developers have - which they use to ignore Council Local Development Plans, and residents feelings, and 'appeal' to the Scottish Government when their unwanted 'house building plans' are refused. 


Currently, the Scottish Housing Minister Kevin Stewart MSP believes that by engaging with local communities at the beginning of a development plan, this will lead to a stronger/better plan (can you remember how much 'engagement' Inverclyde Council had with us in 2016/2017) and that it is completely acceptable for developers to then ignore these plans and make 'housing applications' that are outwith these plans. This is what is now described as 'front loading with the back door open'!


Currently, Inverclyde Council has adopted their Local Development Plan to run from 2019-2024 (and beyond)  The Reporter AGREED with Inverclyde Council that there is no requirement for any greenbelt release for housing around Kilmacolm.


We would like to hear from other village residents who would be interested in joining us for the benefit of the village.


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