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on the 25th May 2021 - the reporter issued his determination.

You can read it HERE

We would like to bring your attention to recent developments in the fight for Carsemeadow in Quarriers Village.

Gladman, last year, won a Court of Session argument that the refusal of the DPEA to allow their application to build on the greenbelt land at Carsemeadow was wrong and succeeded in having it overturned.


The Kilmacolm Residents' Association, Kilmacolm Civic Trust, the Committee to Protect Quarriers Village and the Jackton & Thorntonhall Community Council decided to get involved and provide opposition to this application.

This action started in June 2020 when we all wrote to the DPEA with our views.

Since then the Scottish Government Ministers have amended the Scottish Planning Policy (SPP) to clarify it to support a Plan Led system for development.

If you can find the time and would like to learn the process and how it all unfolds  - PLEASE follow this link HERE. The link takes you to the public documents issued by everyone including Inverclyde Council and Gladman (Burgess Salmond).

It's fascinating to read and you will learn how this case (PPA-280-2027-1) will be a defining moment for Volume House Builders in Scotland from now on in their ability to try and use 'Court Led' planning decisions instead of 'Development Plan Led' decisions.

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