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Christmas is a time for giving. And what better way to embrace the spirit of Christmas than with our brilliant 'reverse advent calendar'.

What a great family event this can be - all you need is an empty cardboard box or even a large bag. 

Then, starting around 1st December, simply put one item of canned or long-life food, sweets or toiletries into the box each day.


Take your box - which is now a 'Reverse Advent Calendar' - to the Kilmacolm Scout Hall in Barr's Brae, Kilmacolm, PA13 4BZ or should you be unable to bring it along let us know and we will arrange to collect it.

The Kilmacolm Residents' Association have arranged, with permission of the Kilmacolm Scouts, for these boxes to be brought to the Scout Hall between 11am and 2pm on the 23rd December and we will ensure that they are taken to Greenock and donated to the Inverclyde Foodbank.

Little Girl with Christmas Present

"This is a great initiative from KRA and hopefully other groups and individuals will think about getting involved.

At this time of year it is is all to easy to get caught up in your own issues and not think of others who are less fortunate.

We are, after all ,celebrating the birth of someone who benefited greatly from the kindness of strangers."

Cllr Christopher Curley

Just what is a Foodbank?

Many people have a pre-conception of what it is - "it's where scroungers go and get given free food"!

No - it couldn't be further from the truth!

Many users of Foodbanks are in employment but at the minimum wage and all it takes is just one thing to change and suddenly there is no money for food. 


Their rent goes up, bus/train fare increase or the cost of electricity/gas goes up or even worse their benefits are changed then there is no money that week! 


Many people are just one weeks pay or one months pay cheque away from having no money for food, toiletries or even toys at this time of year!

Further reading at the Greenock Telegraph - HERE

Read this HERE on the BBC website and learn even more.

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