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A quick understanding of our Local Development Plan (LDP) Process


  • The Scottish Government has a Strategic Plan for the whole of Scotland - Scottish Planning Policy (SPP) (June 2014).

  • The Strategic Plan for Kilmacolm is covered by Clydeplan Strategic Development Plan (SDP), which was finally approved by Scottish Ministers on 24th July 2017.

  • Inverclyde Council (IC) has to prepare an LDP which meets the requirement laid down in Clydeplan.

  • In preparation they asked all the developers what proposals they have for housing - amongst other things – this was the ‘Call for Sites’ (June 2016)

  • From this data IC Planning Department produced the ‘Main Issues Report’ (March 2017) in which they thought that there was a requirement for 200 houses around Kilmacolm. 

  • The IC Planning Department decided to pick West of Quarry Drive and Planetreeyetts as ‘preferred’ locations even although there was no requirement for them to do so.

  • However, the KRA was formed to raise awareness of this – as most in Kilmacolm didn’t know about these Inverclyde Council Planning Officials 'preferred' proposals.

  • From knowing nothing about the Planning System we had to learn how it works and read the Clydeplan Strategic Development Plan from cover to cover.

  • When IC was preparing the draft LDP we made a presentation to them and provided a copy of our now famous Dossier.

  • We proved that in Clydeplan there is NO requirement for any houses to be built at Kilmacolm or Quarriers Village.  There is a healthy surplus of land in the West Renfrewshire Housing Market Area (HMA) which our villages belong.  Yes it might seem strange but for housing Kilmacolm is most definitely in Renfrewshire!

  • IC accepted our proof and removed all requirements for release of greenbelt around Kilmacolm and issued their draft LDP for consultation.

  • Now this wasn’t what all the developers want to hear – and they all made representations to IC to have the LDP changed.  This action created what IC calls Schedule 4s (un-resolved issues) and these are decided by a Reporter at the DPEA (Scottish Government).

  • The Reporter has started his investigation and has written to Clydeplan and IC for further clarification on how the LDP was created.

  • Clydeplan replied “The SDP does not set out a housing land requirement for 200 houses in the Inverclyde part of the Renfrewshire housing sub market area.”

  • IC replied that their plan was fully in keeping with the SDP.

  • Finally the Reporter agreed with Inverclyde Council's LDP and the curent greenbelt is still safe.

  • Inverclyde Council then adopts plan.




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